Pumping water electricity-free & fuel-free
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Product Introduction

Products : Overview

     This principle requires no electricity and is designed for agricultural use, especially in mountainous, remote villages with rough terrain.

     Current petrol-electric motors are the most common way of pumping water. This method will create heat, pollution with exhaust gases and frequently damaged by foreign objects. Motors are also often damaged when the water dry out. This has forced the farmer to spend extra money for repairs. In rough terrain areas, its not only difficult to obtain electricity and transport fuel is anothere huge cost.

Products : Type

 ■ GDW-929S-8〞Ram Water Pump
● 165CM ﹡70CM ﹡162CM
● 520kg
● High: 40 (m)
● 250~300(t) / 24(hour)

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 ■ GDW-929S-3〞Ram Water Pump
● 65CM ﹡25CM ﹡70CM
● 60kg
● High: 40 (m)
● 30(t) / 24(hour)

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 ■ GDW-928G-3〞Ram Water Pump
● 124CM ﹡18CM ﹡71CM
● 15kg
● High: 5 (m)
● 10(t) / 24(hour)

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